Thursday, March 31, 2011

The impact of ending nuclear power generation

If you've followed this blog at all, you know I'm a huge proponent of nuclear power as the least bad solution to our energy needs. That's still true following Japan's nuclear power crisis following their earthquake (note that U.S. reactors have much better containment vessels than those failing in Japan).

If you think we can do without nuclear power, here's a column that might help convince you otherwise:

What The End Of Nuclear Power Would Actually Mean For The World

Further, it's a good idea to build more modern, safe nuclear power plants. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace makes the case here:

Going Nuclear

We simply can't do without nuclear power. If we plan to stop using oil, we need many more nuclear power plants, and soon.

Link dump

Basically, if you're not following Gateway Pundit, you're missing out on a lot of news.

Gateway Pundit is unashamedly opinionated, but the basic facts they present seem to be ignored by most of the media. Here are stories I'd like to write commentary about, but there just isn't time:

OBAMA ADMINISTRATION ADMITS TO FRAUD- Sebelius Tells Committee Dems Double-Counted $500 BILLION DOLLARS in Obamacare

Obama Vows to Veto Any Bill That Defunds Planned Parenthood

Grim Milestone… Number of Obamacare Waivers Now Tops 1,000

Disgusting… Leftists Move to Have Prominent Republican’s Children Expelled From State University

Fail. Obama Posts LARGEST MONTHLY DEFICIT EVER… Larger Than Bush 2007 Deficit For Entire Year

MORE THUGGERY… Union Goons Threaten & Harass Conservative Kids at Ohio Rally – Try to Steal Their Phones (Video)

DEATH THREAT Slipped Under WI Senator’s Door (Photo)

Stunner. Republican Harassed & Woman Assaulted at Indiana Union Rally (Video)

HORRIBLE… Rep. Ellison’s Sobbing Jag at Radical Islam Hearing Was All Based On a Lie (Video)

Sad. Obama Official Salazar Lies to Congress About Gulf Oil Production (Video) …Update: Obama Repeats Lie

A NEW LEFTIST RECORD… 18 WI Republicans Receive Death Threats This Week

Sorry Rep. Ellison… 80% of All Terrorism Convictions Since 9-11 Involved Radical Islamists

Suspect Located In Wisconsin GOP Death Threats UPDATE: Female Suspect Has Confessed

Palestinians Hand Out Candy After Murder of 5 Israelis in Their Sleep

Unreal. Eric Holder Now Forcing Dayton Police Force to Hire Minority Applicants Who Can’t Pass Test

Dana Perino: It’s Interesting How Obama Says Things That Are So Quickly Proven False (Obama Lying Again)

Awful!… WISCONSIN LEFTISTS Harass State Senator at Her Home… On Sunday Morning (Video)

If NPR Is Non-Biased… Why Is Trying to Save Them?

Wow! 62% Favor Repeal of Unconstitutional Obamacare

ANOTHER LEFTIST ATTACK… Union Supporters Harass & Superglue Doors of WI Grocer

Radical Leftists Destroy Wisconsin State Capitol Lawn (Video)

Obama Praises Brazilian Oil Industry While He Blocks Drilling Here at Home

Don’t Worry… Barack Obama Only Miscalculated the US Deficit By $2.3 Trillion

The Circle Is Complete… Obama Not Only Embraces Bush Policies But Is Copying His Speeches Too

UNREAL. Obama Administration Announces Creation of Conservation Youth Corps of America

Horrible… Obama Smears Bush While Discussing Libya in Chile

EPA Is Now Paying Lung Association to Attack Republicans

Barack Obama in 2009: “I Promise I Will Never Rush the Decision to Send You in Harms Way” (Video)

GE Paid No Taxes in 2010 Despite Making $5.1 Billion in Profits

Horrible… Obama and Reuters Rewrite History to Smear Bush

Dem Senator Lautenberg: Republicans Don’t Deserve Freedom’s of Constitution

Most Transparent Administration Ever Stuffs Reporter in a Closet For Over an Hour

Obama Covers Another 44 Million Americans Under Disabilities Act

Dumbest Website on Internet Media Matters Unveils First Big FOX Hit Piece… FAILS