Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jimmy Carter: Less Relevant Every Day

Real Clear Politics posted a comment by Jimmy Carter today. Carter, in a typically addled Carter way, joins the media in saying that Newt Gingrich was engaging in racism by calling President Obama the food stamp president and suggesting the poor would be benefited more by jobs, even entry level jobs, than by dependence on the government.

Jimmy Carter and the media are actually the racists on this one. It's racist to say, as they're openly saying, Blacks are the primary recipients of welfare dollars, especially since it's not even true. (Note: the article is old, but Whites still receive more welfare dollars than Blacks).

The real problem is that the current attitudes held by Jimmy Carter and media commentators are incorrect and outdated. My generation doesn't think about race the way they do. President Obama being black wasn't even a consideration for me during the last presidential election. Race and gender aren't important to me. Ideas and convictions are.

The media's focus on misperceived racism is perpetuating a foolish obsession with skin color that needs to go quietly to its grave. Most of America is post racial. The media just needs to catch up and Carter needs to go back to farming peanuts.

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