Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Officers Hurt by Occupy Protestors

I found this story interesting on a couple of levels. I haven't been terribly impressed with the Occupy movement in general in terms of their understanding of reality, but this was particularly stupid. Here's the story:

Melee Sparks Outside Capitol; Officers Hurt

It evidently started with a protest against the genocide of whites in South Africa. That sounds important to know about. Unfortunately, the protestors were initially reported to be a particularly unsympathetic group, white supremacists.

As an aside, the idea that skin color could possibly make any person better than any other has been thoroughly debunked scientifically decades ago, and racism is a particularly loathsome ideology.

The South Africa group did have a proper permit, however, and they denied being white supremacists.

As a second aside, for those who don't understand the First Amendment, it exists to protect offensive speech. Inoffensive speech needs no protection. New and challenging ideas should all be presented, and then a free society discards the ones that are found lacking, like racism.

The Occupy movement called a counter rally, presumably without a permit, since they tend not to bother with issues like fair use, legality, and other people's rights. It's unclear what they were countering. Since the original group was protesting genocide of whites in South Africa, perhaps Occupy supports genocide so long as it's white people being exterminated. Perhaps they were protesting the idea of freedom of speech if that speech comes from people they disagree with, a fairly common attitude from the progressive Left.

Then Occupy chose to do something I find almost as loathsome as racism. From the first-linked article:
"It was the activists across the street engaging the officers," said CHP officer Sean Kennedy, referring to the Occupy protesters.

CHP spokeswoman Fran Clader said the two officers suffered minor injuries and were taken to a hospital.

Kennedy said one of the officers was injured in the face and appeared to have been hit with some kind of a chemical agent. Kennedy said the other officer injured his leg, likely his knee.
Whether Occupy's message was, "Up with genocide of white people," or, "People with wrong some ideas shouldn't be allowed to express any ideas," injuring the police really isn't the way to make the point. Police have a tough job to start with and are just trying to maintain public order and ensure public safety. They're not the enemy.

In fact, all it proves to me is that a bunch of potentially unfairly-labeled white supremacists can be trusted to behave in a more socially acceptable manner by demonstrating peacefully with a proper permit than Occupy Protestors can be. Way to represent, Occupy Oakland.

For the interested, the slaughter of white farmers in South Africa does appear to be a problem:



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