Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bryan Suits on War Weariness

If you're interested in a look at the wars going on in the world from a combat veteran and current reservist, you should check out The Dark Secret Place with Bryan Suits.

On Saturday March 03, 2012 he commented on a bit of war weariness after playing some audio from Syria:

"This is kind of the war weariness that I would express: Is there an affront to humanity going on in Syria? Yeah. Is the world melting down? Yeah, it always is. That's why this show is on. Every week we check in on 'Where is the world melting down?'...

"And it does kind of invoke some guilt in me when I hear about some of the people on the ground there wondering, 'Where is the world? How come the world's letting this happen?' But I gotta tell ya, the part that does kind of piss me off is when, there was one guy on the BBC in this city called Homs. One guy on a sat phone or over Skype or something with a satellite internet connection is talking to the BBC and he didn't say, 'Where's the world, where's the UN, where's the security council, where's the Arab League?' He said, 'Where is America?'

"I got bad news for him. I'm over you. It's been 10 years. People like you were telling us we had no business defending ourselves. No business establishing a democracy in Iraq. People like you were cheering and high-fiving when you saw videos of my men being blown up from IEDs. Now your own Muslim government is shelling you with high explosive shells and you have the balls to go on BBC in English and ask 'Where is America?' America is broke, dude."

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