Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Great California Exodus

This is an important article not just for Californians, but for the entire United States.  The States are laboratories of the democratic process on which our republic is built.  States test ideas, and if they work, other states adopt them.  If they don't, other states should shun them.  If they work really, really well and fit within the enumerated powers of the U.S. Constitution, then the federal government should adopt them.  If they fail horribly, the federal government should also shun them vehemently even if they would fall under the enumerated powers.

California is the canary in the coal mine of socialist policies.  Make no mistake, the progressives in government on both sides of the aisle are moving us further into socialism.  So now it's time to see where we're headed by examining California.  Can people leave the U.S. the way they leave California?  Absolutely.  Canada is already recognized as economically more free than the U.S.  The more stable parts of Mexico are still great places to live.  The wealthy and mobile are welcome everywhere and they will leave if the U.S. becomes sufficiently inhospitable.

You may already know people are fleeing California, so why is this article so impressive?  I love intellectual honesty.  Whenever possible, I look for sources that disagree with me philosophically, but are honest about their research.  That's why Mr. Kotkin, who the article says describes himself as an old-fashioned Truman Democrat and who voted for Jerry Brown, is so convincing.  He has the numbers that show the big demographic leaving our California is middle-class, upwardly-mobile young families.  Just who you need to build any political state.

Give it a read here.

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