Monday, April 2, 2012

Shooting in Oakland

I cringed when I saw this awful headline pop up: Seven dead, three wounded in Oakland university shooting

Loss of innocent life is always a tragedy. As I've insisted in the past, this is a tragedy that might have been averted.

Police departments in the Bay Area of California don't issue CCW permits. Oakland and San Francisco are notorious for their disdain for the idea of lawful self-defense.

Unfortunately, deranged would-be mass murderers often see our universities (and other gun-free zones) as target-rich, opposition free environments.

Would I want to see a lawfully-armed student or professor in the awful position of having to take a criminal's life to save her or his own and the lives of everyone in the area? No, it's a life-changing, often deeply traumatic thing to have to do. I would prefer it to seven dead innocent lives taken, however.

Need some proof that armed campuses are safer? Two Colorado universities add another data point to the growing body of statistics.

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