Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fair Pay

"A group of Democratic female senators on Wednesday declared war on the so-called 'gender pay gap,' urging their colleagues to pass the aptly named Paycheck Fairness Act when Congress returns from recess next month."

The problem with the claims of the senators is that the "gender pay gap" has been thoroughly debunked.  The details are here, and below is a summary.

1. Men are far more likely to choose careers that are more dangerous, so they naturally pay more.
2. Men are far more likely to work in higher-paying fields and occupations (by choice).
3. Men work in less desirable locations.
4. Men work longer hours than women do.
5. Men are more likely to work on weekends.
6. Even within the same career category, men are more likely to pursue high-stress and higher-paid areas of specialization.
7. Unmarried women who don't have children actually earn more than unmarried men.
8. Women business owners make less than half of what male business owners make, which, since they have no boss, means it’s independent of discrimination.

Something Business Insider points out you may not have known:  Women In Tech Make More Money And Land Better Jobs Than Men.

So, this gender pay gap isn't real.  For the sake of argument, let's say for a moment that it is.  Rather than passing an unneeded law, Democrats should lead by example.  President Obama should order that the White House not pay women 18% less than men, and Senate Democrats should not pay women less than men, either. 

Clean your own house first, Dems, then tell me about how I need to clean mine.

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Jean said...

I've been reading Kay Hymowitz's new book, "Manning Up," all about this. In the younger folks, women are poised to take over, and earn more than men even when they choose lower-paying fields like teaching. It's pretty interesting so far.