Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Leftist Denigration of Our Troops on Memorial Day

This is sick stuff.  If you are profanity averse, please don't follow the link to the comments collected by the Twitchy team.  Here's the link.  Some of the tamer, yet still reprehensible comments include:
Why do people regard soldiers as heroes? They're paid murderers who kill on the orders of their government. Nothing heroic about that.—
Conor Furlong (@ConorFurlong) May 28, 2012

.@weavves I said all soldiers are either rapists, murderers or enablers of the same. This is not a false statement.—
A Gay Dog (@moewytchdog) May 28, 2012

.@LilyOutLoud No troop is a hero, all soldiers are scum.—
A Gay Dog (@moewytchdog) May 28, 2012

There is nothing honorable about serving in the US military. Good people join the armed forces, no doubt. But that's tragic, not heroic.—
Charles Davis (@charlesdavis84) May 27, 2012 
Thanks to our brave and heroic troops, these people have the right to say these things.  The rest of us can condemn Lefties like these for such ignorant comments, however.

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