Thursday, May 10, 2012

Liberal attacks on Romney not going very well

There's been a trend developing in the liberal attacks on presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  Anything they attack him on, President Obama has done worse.

First, it was the dog, Seamus.  The Romneys took him on family vacation, strapping his kennel to the top of their car.  At some point, poor Seamus had bowel trouble.  Ann Romney says he got his jaws on some turkey from the counter which was the source of the problem.  That's very plausible, since Seamus evidently rode up there often and there's only the one report of bowel trouble.  However, even if Seamus had been upset, I still think that's better than eating him.  President Obama ate dog meat.

Then there was polygamy.  Those crazy Romneys.  When Congress passed an anti-polygamy law targeting the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the church challenged the seeming violation of the 1st Amendment all the way up to the Supreme Court.  They lost.  Polygamy was abolished.  In the mean time, some families fled to Mexico.  Romneys great grandfather was evidently one of these polygamists.  President Obama's family engaged in polygamy a bit more recently, though.  His Dad was a polygamist, making his marriage to Obama's mother unlawful.  So, President Obama is literally the bastard son of a polygamist. That seems much worse than being several generations removed from the practice.

Today the big news is that Mitt Romney was evidently a bully in high school.  Bad, I agree, but he's apologized for it.  At least he picked on another boy, though.  It turns out Obama liked to bully girls when he was in middle school.

I'd say Team Obama should switch to talking about issues, but they really don't have any policy successes to point to.  One thing is clear.  They should probably lay off Mitt Romney's past.

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