Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama's Milquetoast Position on Gay Marriage

There seems to be only one issue where Obama is a huge supporter of the 10th Amendment, and that's same sex marriage. 

Today the news is heralding Obama's now spoken support of SSM as a "gutsy" move, because it might hurt him in the general election.  As Breitbart's Big Government site points out, the excitement is premature.

By insisting this is a states' rights, or 10th Amendment issue, Obama sidesteps having to do anything about his newly announced feelings on SSM, so it's pretty milquetoast.  It also leaves us with a few uncomfortable questions for the President.

In the past, the Democrats have always equated any advocacy for states' rights as a call for the return of slavery.  By his own party's arguments, is President Obama now an advocate for slavery, or do the Democrats need to drop this tired and disingenuous argument?

As a new fan of states' rights, will Obama admit that a state like Arizona has the right to insist its law enforcement officers protect the citizenry from illegal aliens?  (By the way, states absolutely have the right to help enforce immigration law, as pointed out here.)

Was this announcement forced by Joe Biden's remarks in support of gay marriage, as many people are saying?

Was this not so gutsy announcement an attempt to appear courageous in light of the memo President Obama had drafted that would have blamed failure on the military had the Osama bin Laden raid ended badly?

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