Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Origins of the Progressive Movement: Woodrow Wilson

While I don't necessarily agree with everything posted here, it's refreshing to see the truth told about a founder of the Progressive Movement, Woodrow Wilson.  Here's the post.
"The blunt fact is that when [under Wilson] America was introduced to the War State in 1917, it was introduced also to what would later be known as the total, or totalitarian, state."

People were arrested and indicted for casual remarks made in private conversation. It was not the New Left of the 1960s that actually invented the claim that the personal is the political – it was the United States government.

A great wave of repression came down on "the freest people in the world," as Americans liked to call themselves. Government gumshoes, federal, state, and local, delighted in following up idle charges of "disloyalty," "treason," "pro-Germanism," and "slacking."
Woodrow Wilson was bad enough that he made About.com's 8 worst presidents in history list (incidentally, #8 is George W. Bush--where's President Barack Obama for extending and expanding policies objected to by advocates of freedom on the Right and the Left?).  The list comes with a clear Left political spin, but still makes good points:
The lowlights of his administration include the Sedition Act of 1918 (which criminalized all radical criticism of the government), the Palmer Raids (in which he ordered the arrest and attempted illegal deportation of over 10,000 people), and numerous specific instances in which he ordered dissenters to be silenced. America under Woodrow Wilson was a nation under lockdown.

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