Friday, May 11, 2012

Ron Paul and Earmarks

This post arises out of a discussion with a fellow on twitter.  It's a guy I like and respect.  He's a staunch Ron Paul backer.

It started as a discussion of Mitt Romney, and how he's a bad candidate.  He's big government.  He compromises even on important issues.  Both are true and I'm in full agreement.  The gentleman told me we must not compromise if we're to preserve the Constitution.

My strategy was a bit different.  I feel like we need to do whatever it takes to preserve the Constitution.  If that means voting for Romney who won't replace a conservative judge on the SCOTUS with a liberal one should a vacancy arises, I'll hold my nose and do it.  That doesn't mean Romney's my guy or the GOP is my party.  It means I don't see any other viable options to preserve the Constitution.

So, why not vote for Ron Paul?  I've been troubled by this issue for some time.  It's about earmarks, explained here and here.  The response is quite convincing, but I'm not sure I'm completely comfortable with it.  He's either sincere or being a very, very weaselly politician on the issue.  When in doubt, and with no evidence to the contrary, I try to give the benefit of that doubt to the person involved.  Judge for yourself:

I don't think that Ron Paul can win a general election, but I'm not a big fan of advocating against voting against one's conscience because to vote one's conscience might split the vote.  It really will come down to what each individual feels is truly best for the country's future.

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