Saturday, May 12, 2012

Socialist Hyprocrisy

I've come to believe that all governments devolve into systems to steal money from the masses for the benefit of the government class.  Communism is particularly obvious and awful about this.  Promising egalitarianism, leaders seize wealth, privilege and power while cruelly limiting the personal and economic freedom of the masses.  Socialism often isn't much better.

Socialist leaders are often the worst of hypocrites, railing against the rich, preaching egalitarianism and then just enriching themselves further.  France's newly elected hypocrite-in-chief is no different.  From the London Evening Standard:
Francois Hollande, 57, who “dislikes the rich” and wants to revolutionise his country with high taxes and an onslaught against bankers, is in fact hugely wealthy himself.

As well as the spacious Paris apartment he shares with his lover Valerie Trierweiler, Mr Hollande owns a palatial villa in Mougins, the hill-top Cannes suburb where artist Pablo Picasso used to live.

It is valued by the Official Journal at 800,000 euros (£642,000), and is just a short drive from Hollande’s two flats close to the promenade in Cannes. They are priced at 230,000 euros (£185,000) and 140,000 euros (£112,000). Mr Hollande has promised to cut his pay by 30 per cent after he is officially sworn in as president next week, but he will still be on 156,000 (£125,000) a year, plus fabulous expenses and other perks.
There's more, so if you're interested, have a look at the article linked above. If you think President Obama is any different, see my recent post on Michelle Obama's spending at your expense.

Theft of the wealth of others is one of the things the Founders tried to prevent by carefully limiting the U.S. government's power in the Constitution.  Any promise to "take care" of us if only we give our government a little more power should be strenuously resisted and vehemently decried for what it is:  an avenue to steal our liberty, labor and hard-earned property.

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