Friday, May 4, 2012

Veterans fire back on Obama's narcissistic ad

The Obama administration can point to probably just one thing they've had a hand in that has popular approval:  taking down Osama bin Laden.  So, it's no surprise they'd try to campaign on it.  Unfortunately for them, it's also perhaps the one thing they shouldn't try to use or take credit for.

Just as a note,Clinton's statements about a downside if the mission failed are completely inane.  What happens when our special operators die on a mission that doesn't go well?  It's covered up.  You don't hear about it in the news.  The families get letters that don't reveal what the special operators were doing, and the whole matter gets classified.  Obama took no risk, but he's happy to take all the credit that should actually go to our soldiers.

Update:  it turns out that there was a back up plan.  If the raid had failed, President Obama had planned to blame the military.  So, there really was no risk for him at all.

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