Saturday, May 26, 2012

What Right and Left Really Mean

"Right" and "Left" don't mean what the media and liberals (but I repeat myself) tell you they do.  In fact, American Leftists (regardless of their preferred label) are doing all they can to bury the American meaning of the terms, and they have an agenda for doing so.

Leftists in America want you to think of the European meaning of Right and Left when you hear the terms.  In European parliaments, radical revolutionaries (Communists) are traditionally seated on the far left and military dictatorships (like fascists) are seated on the far right.  Most Americans think both of those are bad, and they're correct, both European Right and Left are terrible options with regard to freedom.

Fortunately, that's not what the Founders meant when they used Right and Left.  Have a look at the below picture to illustrate the concept.


Larger, slightly nicer image here.

The idea the Founders used charted government power, not party or philosophy.  On the left, we have tyranny, or statism of any sort.  This includes communism, fascism, dictatorships of every sort, and so forth.  Any big, controlling government goes on the left.  No government control at all goes on the right.*  The Founders didn't want anarchy, because with no government, each person is obliged to constantly defend his or her own life and property, leaving no time to go out and pursue prosperity.  Nevertheless, the Founders leaned so far to the right that their first attempt at unifying the colonies, the Articles of Confederation, had so little power it fell apart.  Their next attempt was the Constitution of the United States of America, which has worked out fairly well.

Lefties, who will call themselves liberals or progressives to avoid the term "statist" which Americans know is bad, have a specific agenda in lying about what Right and Left mean in America.  Most Americans favor smaller government and low taxes.  They'll even agree to fewer services in order to make that happen.  So the Left can't be honest and say, "We want big, controlling government that steals most of your money in taxes."  Instead, they have to say, "We're better than the alternative!"  If you see Right and Left as the founders did, though, they're clearly not better than the alternative.  So they need a boogeyman to point to.  Enter the European meaning of "Right," associated with Fascism.  We all know Fascism is bad.  Hitler is our prototypical villain.  Thus Right must be bad, since nobody wants to be a fascist.**

One important task of conservatives, who are by far the largest ideological group in America, is combat the Left's redefinition of these terms.  Conservatives are on the American Right.  We favor small government, because small government doesn't steal from you or kill you.  Most Americans are on our side, the Left has just confused them about what our side is.

Additional Notes

These thoughts aren't directly to the point of the post, but they're important.  This scale has real ramifications for today's political parties.  Anybody, from Teddy Roosevelt to John McCain who calls himself or herself "Progressive" is a Leftist.  Progressivism is big government with a really appealing-sounding name. 

The above picture contains more than just the Left vs. Right scale.  Additional concepts there include proper governance, which should be bottom up to maximize human freedom.  Any problem that can be solved within the family should be.  If it goes beyond the family's capability to solve, the town or community should be involved in solving it.  If they can't, then county government is the next appeal, then state government and finally as a last resort, federal government.  If you understand this, it becomes clear why the federal government has no business educating children or telling you how fast you can drive through your community.  For more, read Cleon Skousen's "The 5000 Year Leap."

*"Hey, I've seen anarchists protesting with Occupy Wall Street!" you might note.  "They aren't on the Right."  No, they aren't.  Those are Lefties that understand anarchy isn't stable.  It always transitions into something, and usually after a period of anarchy, people will accept just about anything, including Tyranny/Statism, which is their real goal.

**Ironically, even if we were to accept the American Left's idea that we should define Right and Left the European way, they'd still be worse.  Fascism has slaughtered somewhere between 10 million and 20 million people.  Communism has slaughtered nearly 100 million human beings.

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