Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Armed Citizen

A St. Louis, Missouri, woman knew that she would have to defend herself late one night as she heard her garage door being kicked in. Despite the fact that 87-year-old Nina Sloan walked with the aid of a cane, she managed to retrieve her pistol and head toward the kitchen where she heard sounds of breaking glass. Seeing a hand reach through the broken glass to unlock the kitchen door, Sloan fired her gun twice. The intruder fled and Sloan called authorities. Police are investigating if this attempted robbery is related to one down the street the previous day. When asked about the incident, Sloan said, "I'm a good person, but I'm not going to let somebody run over me. you're going to break into my house when I didn't invite you? Oh, no!" (News-Democrat, Belleville, IL, 08/06/2004)

Note: Ms. Sloan, there's no "but" after "I'm a good person." You stopped a burglar, and probably made him think twice about ever doing it again, saving your neighbors from becoming victims. You're a good person, like most lawful firearms owners.

A Pittsylvania, Virginia, homeowner awoke at 2 A.M. to the sounds of a car driving into his front porch. David Lee Gammon retrieved his gun and headed to the front door as three men broke in and began shooting in his direction. Gammon returned fire, and the intruders fled to their car, which was found three hours later burning by the side of the road. The body of one of the intruders was found outside the car, dead from a gunshot wound sustained at Gammon's home. Michael Robin Wilson was arrested and charged with burglary, while Timothy Willard thornton was being sought on the same charges. (Richmond Times-Dispatch, Richmond, VA, 07/23/2004)

Two men, posing as prospective gem buyers, held up a couple trying to sell their diamond through a local newspaper advertisement. The Webster, New York, couple had advertised the "loose diamond," and subsequently had several phone calls from two gentlemen who said they were interested in buying the stone. When the "buyers" showed up for a 4 P.M. appointment, they held the couple at gunpoint, bound them with duct tape and stole the diamond and other jewelry from the home. The two suspects attempted to escape in their Geo Tracker, but were soon persued by the local police, who had received a distress call from the victims. An officer followed the vehicle to a cul-de-sac, where the suspects fled on foot. A woman in the neighborhood, seeing one of the suspects heading straight for her house, warned her husband. He, in turn, armed himself with a .45-cal. handgun and prevented the man from entering. This allowed the police to corner the suspect, Robert L. McKnight, who was arrested and charged with robbery. Brian K. moton was arrested later and the jewelry was recovered. (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY, 08/02/2004)

Four burglars got a surprise while attempting to rob a Bowie County, Texas, home when the homeowner pulled in the driveway. Spotting the truck, one of the four burglars went outside and pulled a gun, but the homeowner pulled out his gun-which he kept in his truck-and began to shoot first. The four burglars escaped in a dark-colored four-door Ford Escort. It was not known if any of the burglars were hit. Bowie County Sheriff James Prince said that the homeowner has every right to protect his home and property, "especially if a burglar is pointing a gun at you." (Texarkana Gazette, Texarkana, TX, 08/17/2004)

An 88-year-old, Ripley, Mississippi, woman was just trying to help out a stranger who had knocked on her door and asked to use her telephone. But once she opened the door, the stranger forced his way into the house, raped her, and robbed her of $50. The woman somehow managed to get away from her tormentor and found her handgun, firing at the suspect three times and sending him fleeing from the house. With a clear description from the victim, the police immediately suspected 19-year-old Ryan Burks because of his prior run-ins with the law. Minutes later, when police arrived at Burks' grandmother's house, they found Burks bleeding from a gunshot wound under his arm. Burks has been charged with burglary and rape. The unnamed victim was treated and released from the hospital. (Southern Sentinel, Ripley, MS, 08/11/2004)

Around the Grand Rapids, Michigan neighborhood, corner store owner Leon Moody is well-known for his generosity, which is why it came as a shock that someone would try to rob him. According to Moody, the suspect walked into the store, pointed a gun at his face and demanded money. When Moody asked why he would do this, the robber threatened to "blow his head off for that money." Asking for a moment to gather the money, Moody reached down and pulled out his own firearm, then fired twice at the crook, hitting him once in the arm. The robber fled in a car, but was apprehened less than an hour later in the local emergency room. The unnamed suspect has been charged with assault with intent to rob while armed, and felony possession of a firearm. (Grand Rapids Press, MI, 07/07/2004).

Armed citizen stories are taken from American Rifleman magazine. "If you have a firsthand 'Armed Citizen' experience, call NRA-ILA PR/Communications at (703) 267-1193. Studies indicate that firearms are used over 2 million times a year for personal protection, and that the presence of a firearm, without a shot being fired, prevents crime in many instances. Shooting usually can be justified only where crime constitutes an immediate, imminent threat to life, limb, or in some cases, property. Anyone is free to quote or reproduce these accounts. Send clippings to: 'The Armed Citizen,' 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030-9400."

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