Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why the Left Really Hates the Free Market

Milton Friedman briefly explains below the principles of the free market.  It's the end that exposes why the Left truly hates the free market (A.K.A. Capitalism).

What he said at the end is:

"The problem is that in a market society, in a society in which people are free to do their own thing, in which people make voluntary deals, it's hard to do good.  You gotta persuade people and there's nothing in this world harder.

"But the important thing is in that in that kind of society it's also hard to do harm.  It's true that if you had a concentrated power in the hands of an angel, he might be able to do a lot of good as he viewed it.  But one man's good is another man's bad.

"The great virtue of a market capitals society is that by preventing a concentration of power, it prevents people from doing the kind of harm which really concentrated power can do."

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