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The Armed Citizen

After finding a muddy footprint on her back porch and hearing glass break, Susan Buxton was convinced that someone was in her home. According to police, she searched each closet until, finally, as she pulled open the one nearest her front door, she saw a man's face peering out from underneath a coat. "Shh," he pleaded. Buxton told her granddaughter to call 9-1-1 and ordered the intruder to lie flat on the floor, or she'd shoot. The home invader then did something he likely regrets: He reached for the 66-year-old woman's .38-cal. revolver. She fired once, hitting the intruder's leg. "Ow, you shot me!" he cried out before fleeing. The man, whom police say eluded them by hiding in Buxton's home after stealing a pickup truck, was apprehended on a balcony a few houses away. "If I didn't have a gun to protect myself, I probably wouldn't be here," Buxton said. (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Arlington, TX, 11/10/2005)

Note: Protecting one's children, or grandchildren, is a basic right of defense as ancient as picking up a stick. Many States now recognize the right to self-defense whether in home or away from it. A few states, including much of California, don't. This image comes from the right to carry movement in Illinois.


Harry Carpenter suffers from pulmonary fibrosis and wears oxygen tubes for much of the day, but that didn't stop him from fending off two knife-wielding burglars. Police say two young men barged into his home, one forcing him at knifepoint to sit on a couch while the other demanded money from his wife, Jackie. When Jackie pretended to faint, Harry's captor went to investigate. Harry sneaked into the laundry room where he kept an unloaded .22-cal. rifle he's owned since his youth. "I shot many a squirrel with that thing," he said later. The intruder returned before Harry could load his firearm, but Harry racked the bolt home as if it were loaded. "He yelled out, 'Let's go, he's got a gun!'" Harry recalled. The suspects fled the scene and were being sought by police. (Savannah Morning News, Savannah, GA, 11/19/2005)

George Swita, who served in Gen. Patton's Third Army in World War II, brought back a German Luger that was on a truck full of captured German arms. Though he kept the pistol clean, he no longer used it for target practice. He began carrying it between his home and vehicle, however, after an assailant hit him in the face and stole $60 from his wallet. It was a decision that may have saved his life. Police say an attacker grabbed Swita around the neck as he unlocked his front door. Swita fired two shots, hitting the crook in the head and killing him. "Was I scared? You bet, both times!" Swita said. (The Vindicator, Youngstown, OH, 11/01/2005)

Police say three men broke into a couple's residence with baseball bats and a gun in search of prescription drugs, but all they left with was a lesson from an armed citizen. Two of the men allegedly ordered the couple and their visiting family members to the floor while a third suspect stole the medications. Meanwhile, a family member in another room heard the commotion and armed himself with a firearm. He entered the room and fired several shots at the intruder who was holding the victim's relatives at gunpoint, hitting him once in the torso. Two men fled in a car and were apprehended by police. The wounded man was found collapsed in the street. The trio faces charges of home invasion, robbery and kidnapping. "They were very threatening to the family," said St. Johns County Sheriff David Shoar. "[The man who was shot] had the gun to the wife's head." (The St. Augustine Record, St. Augustine, FL, 11/05/2005)

After an armed burglar stole $100 from his home, Angel Benitez took a self-defense class and obtained a concealed-carry permit. "This year, I'm going to prepare myself," Benitez recalled saying to himself. And, according to police, he did just that when he heard the screams of his friend, Carmen Ramos. Benitez found a man pointing a gun at Ramos. "When I saw the gun, I fired," said Benitez. "He could have killed my friend." Ramos' daughter, who was watching television, thought her mother had been shot, but then saw the burglar stumble out the door. "He was yelling 'Ow, ow!'" she recalled. A man with a gunshot wound later arrived at the hospital, but police were still investigating whether he was the intruder. (The Hartford Courant, Hartford, CT, 11/18/2005)


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