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The Armed Citizen

Orlando police say that a pair of would-be robbers chose a 37-year-old man as their victim because they thought he looked like an easy target. Apparently they forgot that Florida is a Right-To-Carry state. According to police, the armed duo approached the victim and said, "You know what's up," then threatened to kill him if he didn't give them money. Fearing they would spot his pistol, the man started emptying his pockets until the alleged robbers backed off a bit, then he drew his gun and fired. The assailants fled, but were apprehended by police shortly thereafter and charged with armed robbery. (The Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, FL, 12/15/2005)

As he watched an intruder run from his living room and climb out a window, a 75-year-old man thought for a moment that the danger was gone. But police say that when he turned around, a second intruder was coming at him. The homeowner fired a handgun once, hitting and killing the intruder. "He reacted," said police Lt. Carl Fletcher. "That was his reaction to protect himself and his property." According to authorities, the man had been in the county jail 12 times in the past 3 years. His alleged accomplice was later arrested and charged with burglary. (Savannah Morning News, Savannah, GA, 12/15/2005)

Police say that Kevin Doncaster was chatting with a grocery store manager when a man ran by and doused them with pepper spray. Figuring the attacker was stealing something, Doncaster chased him into the parking lot and was sprayed again. What Doncaster didn't know was that the man, armed with a Taser, had just forced a woman into a bathroom stall while her 2-year-old granddaughter watched. Several people came to her rescue and were pepper-sprayed by the assialant as he fled. Doncaster drew a handgun and told the man that if he sprayed him again, he would be injured. "He really wasn't expecting anyone to have a weapon except for himself," said Doncaster, who detained the man until police arrived. The suspect is charged with aggravated assault with the intent to rape and murder. (Statesboro Herald, Statesboro, GA 10/17/2005)

Note: this story illustrates how good gun laws work. Criminals are prohibited from having firearms, so if they don't buy a gun illegally, they often choose to use a knife or other weapon. A properly-trained lawflu CCW holder is then in control when the criminal chooses to strike because knives, Tasers and pepper spray are simply no match for a firearm with a full magazine. Similarly, this disadvantage for the criminal is why a one-shot weapon like a Taser is not enough of a right for a lawful citizen--it does you no good against a group of assailants.

A family received an abrupt awakening when three or four burglars forcefully entered the back door, setting off a security alarm in the homeowner's bedroom. Police say the homeowner, Brian Harper, armed himself with a handgun and hid behind his bedroom door so he could assess the situation while his wife phoned police. One of the intruders spotted Harper who, recognizing he was in a threatening situation, fired several shots. The intruder, a convicted felon, was found dead in a nearby yard with a pistol lying near his body. (The Collierville Herald, Collierville, TN, 12/22/2005)

A 23-year-old woman was home alone when a man kicked in her door and entered the residence. According to police, when her dog started barking, she grabbed her 9mm handgun from the nightstand and fired at teh man as he entered her bedroom, causing him to flee the scene. "She kept a gun there to protect herself when she's home alone, and it turned out to be a good decision," said Starkville, Miss., police Sgt. Bill Lott. The man, who got into a car with two other males, remained at large. It was unclear whether he had been shot, but no blood was found at the scene. (The Commercial Dispatch, Columbus, MS, 12/23/2005)

Paul Thrift awoke to noises in his home and found that his electricity and phone lines were not working. According to police, he then confronted two brothers who had broken in using a boat anchor. When the intruders tried to enter Thrift's bedroom, he fired several shots at the armed older brother, critically injuring him. The younger brother, who was not shot, ran from the home, but was apprehended a short time later and asked if his brother was still alive. According to police, he told them, "Me and [my brother] were just riding around and [he] told me he wanted to go break into somebody's home." Thrift's wife said it was a terrifying ordeal, but hopes it will teach somebody a lesson about breaking into an occupied home. (Channel 4 News, Jacksonville, FL, 12/29/2005)

Police still don't know the motive behind a bizarre incident in an apartment complex. Investigators say a man punched and broke a 6-ft. tall globe light in the courtyard. Shortly thereafter, he beat down an apartment door, waking Jason Smith and his wife, neither of whom knew the man. Smith, armed with a handgun, confronted the intruder and a struggle ensued. It ended when Smith fired his pistol, killing the man. (The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, AZ, 12/06/2005).

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