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The Armed Citizen

Upon returning home, an NRA Life member received some alarming news. His wife had just seen people running in and out of her father's home. Retrieving a pistol and a shotgun, the man drove his pickup the short trip to the house in question and cornered three suspicious men sitting in a car. "I jumped out of the truck and they stuck their hands up in the car. I made the driver get out," he told a local newspaper. As he held the suspects at gunpoint, they told him they had stopped to urinate, but he didn't believe their story. "I said, 'You don't need to talk to me because the sheriff's coming and you need to talk to him.'" When police arrived, they charged the men with third-degree burglary and recovered several stolen items. (The Selma Times-Journal, Selma, AL, 01/26/2006)

While sitting on her couch working on her computer in the early morning hours, a woman heard a noise at her front door. According to police, she saw two men through the peephole, so she grabbed her shotgun and chambered a shell. The would-be burglars kicked the door open only to find themselves staring down a gun barrel. "Get the [expletive] out of here!" the woman shouted, according to a police report. The men fled the scene. (Gazette-Journal, Reno, NV, 01/18/2006)

A man asleep in his apartment was awakened by a knock at his door. Police said that when he answered it, no one was there. Then a man shattered a window in the home and began entering through it. The resident armed himself and ordered the intruder to leave. When the alleged burglar failed to comply, the resident shot him. The suspect was treated for wounds to his leg and hand at the hospital and charged with burglary. (Deseret Morning News, Salt Lake City, UT, 02/01/2006)

A 22-year-old man confined to a wheelchair had just returned home from work when he heard a noise outside. According to police, he peered outside though his bedroom window and saw two people climbing into his house. When the intruders kicked open his bedroom door, the victim opened fire on them with a semi-automatic handgun. One of the alleged burglars was hit and his accomplice ran out the front door. Authorities said the suspect who was shot would be charged with first-degree burglary upon his release from the hospital. His accomplice was arrested after a brief foot pursuit. (The Huntsville Times, Huntsville, AL, 01/07/2006)


Walking through the woods in a state park in Wenatchee, Wash., Michael Vanney was horrified to see a cougar pounce on his five-year-old daughter Jessica. Armed only with a hunting knife, Vanney yelled for his wife to bring a handgun, then jumped on the cat, knocking it off the girl. When his wife arrived with the gun, Vanney fired two shots, treeing the cat, which was later captured and held in quarantine. Jessica suffered only minor scrapes in the attack, according to an Associated Press report. (The Tribune, Salt Lake City, UT, 6/24/1992)

When two masked men -- one of them armed with a pistol -- entered a Birmingham, Ala., convenience store and demanded money, the 29-year-old clerk grabbed his own pistol. Police said that when the armed robber pointed his gun at the clerk, the clerk shot the masked gunman, killing him. The clerk then held the second suspect for police. The second man was charged with first-degree robbery. (Associated Press, 12/30/2005)

According to police, a man stole a fire extinguisher from a dialysis center, then attempted to use it to break into a nearby home. A detective responding to a burglar alarm at the dialysis center witnessed an armed citizen thwart the alleged home invader. "While [the detective] was waiting for uniform patrol, he noticed a commotion across the street at a home," said a police spokesman. The detective reported that the man was allegedly trying to break through the front door using the fire extinguisher, but was shot in the groin by one of the occupants. The suspect was arrested on multiple charges after his release from the hospital. (The Advocate, Baton Rouge, LA, 01/14/2006)

Carlton Whitted, Sr., woke up after hearing a loud noise reverberate throughout his home. "It sounded like a bomb went off," he said. What he heard was two men in their 20s kicking in the door of the isolated, rural North Carolina home. Police say the men shot Whitted's wife and daughter in the legs. Whitted then grabbed his .22-cal. rifle from the corner of his bedroom and shot both intruders, who fled on foot. The suspects turned up at a hospital where they faced several felony charges upon their release. (Associated Press, 01/17/06)

And a bonus story, as people have been defending themselves in this country for a very long time:

Lemuel Earl and his wife were awakened by suspicious noises in their store, in front of their home at Mendon, Utah. Armed with a .45 automatic, Earl investigated. In front of the store, he confronted a youth who claimed to be alone. Just then, Earl saw a rifle barrel emerge from the shattered window of his store. He fired a shot which wounded one bandit and caused another to dart from the store with his hands up. Police arrested the three, and said they found a stolen car with four rifles in it. (Standard Examiner, Ogden, UT, 09/1967)

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