Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Joe Biden is an idiot

I love short, pithy post titles, don't you? Here's Joe Biden via @IMAO_:

BIDEN: …and so, I’m always so proud of our fine military men and women. True heroes, every last one of them. We were at a military base just the other day, Fort Buckner in Kentucky, I believe it was. And, I was privileged to meet a fine Marine, Petty Officer Michael Simpson. And what a pleasure it was to meet him. And he said, “Joe, all of us guys are a little worried that President Obama might not be re-elected. We’ve never had a president that treated us half as well as Barack Obama does. And, the guys are so worried that Mitt Romney might pull this thing off.” He said, “We don’t go to bed at night in fear of the Taliban. We don’t worry about IED’s. What really scares us is the thought that there’s a slight possibility that President Obama might not get re-elected.” And, I don’t blame him. You notice, since Barack took office you don’t hear about our soldiers getting wounded or killed in Afghanistan anymore. Under George W. Bush it was such a mess. It was just a tragedy of errors. And it seemed every day you’d turn on the news and there would be these tragic deaths at the hands of the Taliban. But, since Barack took office you notice you don’t hear those stories on the news anymore. And, that’s because of the leadership of Barack Obama. From the moment he became the Commander-In-Chief, he took control of the situation over there and military casualties are just not something you hear about anymore…

Now it's true, you don't hear about those casualties in Afghanistan on the news anymore.  Unfortunately, that's not because they're not happening, but because the media is biased.

Joe, that's not better in any way.  And I strongly suspect the biggest fear of our service members isn't Obama failing to get reelected.  In fact, most of them will probably be casting votes for Romney.

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