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The Armed Citizen

Lowell Wilson heard a noise coming from the bedroom where his wife was resting and went to investigate. When he tried to open the door, a man closed it, so Wilson retrieved his gun. "My wife is blind, and she thought it was me [in the room]," he said. "He opened the door ... and stuck his head out. He said, 'It's cool, man. It's cool.'" But it was far from "cool." Wilson shot the intruder, who fled with an accomplice. Police planned to charge the injured suspect after his release from the hospital. Wilson said he'll always feel safe in his home as long as he has something to use for protection. "I know I can take care of myself," he said. (The Times News, Kingsport, TN, 03/11/2006)

A pair of surprises occurred inside a Michigan residence in March. The first was on the part of the homeowner who awoke in the early morning hours to find a woman he didn't know counting his cash on the dining room table. The second was on the part of the intruder when the homeowner drew a handgun and detained her for police. The woman, wanted for writing bad checks, was arrested on suspicion of home invasion. (Detroit Free Press, Detroit, MI, 03/23/2006)

According to authorities, a 29-year-old man entered the bedroom window of a sleeping 70-year-old Tom Ritter and his wife, and viciously stabbed Ritter with a knife. Ritter's wife, awakened by the commotion, fired one round from her revolver into the intruder's chest. Ritter was listed in stable condition. The suspect was under police observation in the intensive-care unit at another hospital. (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Lubbock, TX, 03/26/2006)

When a man heard his doorbell ringing incessantly, he ignored it in hopes that the person would go away. But, shortly thereafter, he heard a pounding at his back door; so he grabbed a firearm as a precaution and went to investigate. According to police, the man then saw someone trying to force his door open, and when he pulled back the window blinds, he saw an arm reach through a broken window. The homeowner fired one shot, striking his assailant in the chest. The would-be intruder ran around the front of the home, collapsed and died. (Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN, 04/13/2006)

Jason Goettsch knew something wasn't right when he saw a man in his back yard in the early morning hours, because it meant the prowler had scaled Goettsch's fence. According to authorities, Goettsch went into his back yard with a handgun, yelling that he was armed and had called the police. At first, he didn't see anyone, but when he walked around the corner of his home, the prowler appeared and swung a baseball bat at him. Goettsch shot his attacker twice, killing him. (The Oakland Tribune, Oakland, CA, 3/14/2006)

According to police, four young men intended to burglarize the home of an elderly couple. Two men wearing masks entered the home and woke up the couple. After a verbal exchange, the woman yelled to her husband to get his gun. The man was on his way when the suspects ran from the house, got in their car and fled the scene. The homeowners called 9-1-1, and the suspected burglars were apprehended shortly afterward. (Echo Press, Alexandria, MN, 04/19/2006)

Dressed in black with socks on his hands and armed with a tire iron, a would-be robber certainly looked the part as he approached the southwest Houston home of 26-year-old Derriun Raney and knocked on the door. Police say that when Raney opened the door, the man struck him in the head repeatedly with the tire iron. Raney drew a pistol and fired several shots, striking his assailant in the stomach. The unidentified man died in the front yard. Raney suffered a cut on his head, but was otherwise uninjured. (Houston Chronicle, Houston, TX, 04/15/2006)

The same day in another Houston incident, police say two men armed with handguns approached Antione Reshad Carter as he arrived home. One ordered Carter to his knees and took his wallet and cell phone, while the other thug got into Carter's car. The man robbing Carter was threatening to kill him when the man in the vehicle shot at Carter, missing him. Then Carter took action, pulling out his pistol and killing the mugger, while the other man sped off in Carter's car, struck another vehicle and then fled on foot. (Houston Chronicle, Houston, TX, 04/15/2006)

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