Sunday, January 6, 2013

Woman hiding with kids shoots intruder

Prior to the invention of firearms, smaller and usually less strong individuals were always at the mercy of larger, stronger ones.  While some people still seek to use force to coerce or injure others, firearms have largely had a civilizing influence in that a sensible person, realizing the other might be armed, will not try to resort to force.  He or she must reason and convince by merit of his or her arguments, or if something is sought, fair negotiations must take place instead of outright robbery.

Less sensible people choose to use their size, strength and willingness to do violence to harm others.  Paul Slater, a man with a history of battering others, is a man like that.  He used a crowbar to break into a home where only a woman and her 9-year-old twins were present.  She didn't want a confrontation.  She ran and hid with her children in a crawlspace of the home.  Burglaries are horrible violations, but as long as she and her children were safe, she was willing to let that crime be dealt with by the police.

What she wasn't willing to do was be a victim or let her children become victims.  So, when the criminal did find her and her children, she shot him five times. 

A smaller, likely physically weaker woman was able to protect herself and her children from a violent man using a last resort solution.

Full story here.

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