Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Permanent Political class

Listening to Mark Steyn on Monday I connected a few thoughts.  I've always thought a permanent political class was a bad idea, but I never thought about precisely why.  I knew that governments always trend toward creating a rich, privileged political class.  The next step would seem obvious, but it never coalesced for me until I was listening to a gentleman from the U.K.  They become royalty.  By gerrymandering their districts so they can't be ousted from office, they arrange to have power for their entire lives.  They often die in office.  They've become royalty, precisely what a citizen-legislature was supposed to prevent, and why the limitations on government power were so carefully crafted in the Constitution.

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Jean said...

Yep. In the UK, they've fixed it up so many, many officials can stay in power their whole careers without ever facing election. Daniel Hannan's book "The New Road to Serfdom" is an excellent explanation to Americans on how the UK went that road and why we shouldn't. :)