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The Armed Citizen

Willie Lee Hill says he returned home and "butted into" a robbery in progress. Police say the suspect struck Hill several times with an unopened soda can, rendering him unconscious. He awoke minutes later. Bleeding profusely and half-blind without his glasses, he managed to reach a pistol in his bedroom as the robber returned. "He lunged toward me," Hill said. "There was only the bed between us, and I shot him and he fell face first on the bed. He didn't move." Hill says the gun saved his life. "I can handle a pistol; he said. "I know that he was going to kill me if I hadn't got him first' When police arrived, the suspect told them, "I cant feel my legs and I got what I deserved." (El Dorado News-Times, El Dorado, Ark, 07/28/2007)

A man was sitting in his vehicle while his wife shopped for groceries. To his horror, three men burst into the store with a gun, appeared to fire and began robbing customers. The man called 9-1-1, then received a call from his wife. "I just heard her saying, `There is nothing in my purse,'" he recollects. "And there was a `pow.' The phone went dead." The man, a concealed-handgun license holder, sprang from his vehicle and entered the store with his .45-caliber pistol. He hoped to avoid confronting the bandits, but police say that was not to be. One of the robbers pointed a gun at the man, and he responded by firing two shots at the suspect, injuring him as his accomplices fled. Neither the man's wife nor any others were harmed. "I was just worried about my wife," the man said, noting he took no satisfaction in shooting the suspect. "I just wanted to get her out of there." (The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas, 07/05/2007)

As Carrie Carter watched in horror, one burglar began ransacking her daughter's home next door while an accomplice walked across her yard and through her front door with a club. But the 64-year-old Cleveland, Tex., woman was ready, leveling her gun and wounding the man. Both burglars were later arrested. (The Advocate, Cleveland, TX, 02/04/1986)

Tim Welby was putting tools away when he noticed his back door was suspiciously ajar. According to authorities, he found several signs of burglary and was missing a firearm. "As far as I know, there's an armed person inside my house, so I go and grab my .357 out of my nightstand," Welby explained. That's when he heard noises coming from the garage apartment where his stepson, Tristan Pierce, resides. In the apartment, he encountered a man wearing a motorcycle helmet. Thinking it might be his stepson, he called out, "Tristan?" Silence followed, until the helmeted man said, "Please, sir." When Welby knew the man wasn't Tristan, he pointed the gun at him and said, "You move, I've got a biohazard on my hands." Hearing the commotion, several neighbors came out of their homes with guns ready to help. One of them called 9-1-1 and the intruder was arrested without incident. (The Gabber, Gulfport, Fla., 07/12/2007)

Johnny Johnson awoke to the sound of a gunshot and his front door being kicked in. A security system alerted the sheriff's office while Johnson phoned his mother. She told him to avoid heroics and "stay lob" but Johnson had other plans. He snuck down the hallway with a 9 mm pistol, surprising one of the intruders and shooting him multiple times. Police nabbed the alleged burglars and their getaway driver at a hospital. "I'm in the right, because it's either me or them," Johnson said. Police agreed. (The Times-Union, Jacksonville, Fla., 07/12/2007)

Responding to a knock at the door, 22-year-old Carri Humphrey thought she saw another resident of the apartment building through the peephole. Police say that when she opened the door, however, two strangers forced their way in, one of them toting a .22-caliber rifle. Humphrey's roommate, 24-year-old Michelle Reeder, heard Humphrey's screams and ran to the bedroom where she retrieved a handgun. Reeder returned to the front room, where she found Humphrey being held at gunpoint. The intruder then trained the rifle on Reeder and threatened to kill her. In response, she fired several shots, striking her assailant once. The other suspect fled, but the injured intruder continued to struggle, forcing Reeder to stab him. He succumbed to his wounds at the scene as the young women fled to safety. (The Record Herald, Waynesboro, Pa., 07/02/2007)

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Thoughts just prior to the release of DC v. Heller, with one of the best appellate court quotations ever.

Thoughts on publicized shootings: Shootings early in 2009, Alabama Shootings, Finland School Shooting. Remember: The only proven method to mitigate the disaster of a rogue criminal shooter is to have more first responders, e.g. CCW permit holders lawfully armed and on scene. These criminals do not respect "gun free" zones, but simply view them as target-rich opposition-free areas in which to slaughter innocents.

Carrying a firearm is an inherently civilized act.

Right to Carry Statistics.

Does Violence Beget Violence?

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