Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why 7 rounds isn't enough

People have gotten used to the idea that real life is like the movies.  I even heard a conspiracy theory that the Boston attack was faked because "the blood didn't look real."  No, the blood looked real, it's just that movie blood doesn't.  So, it's no surprise that New York lawmakers think you only need 7 rounds of ammunition in your firearm, and California lawmakers think you only need 10.

This officer carries 145 rounds of ammunition.  Always.

Officer Gramins used to carry just 47 rounds until an encounter he was lucky to survive.  A well-armed suspect had vowed to kill any cop who had the temerity to pull him over after he committed a robbery.  The officer tried just that, and a gun battle ensued.
The marksman officer had shot the suspect 14 times and the suspect kept trying to engage:

“I thought I was hitting him, but with shots going through his clothing it was hard to tell for sure. This much was certain: he kept moving and kept shooting, trying his damnedest to kill me.”

In this free-for-all, the assailant had, in fact, been struck 14 times. Any one of six of these wounds — in the heart, right lung, left lung, liver, diaphragm, and right kidney — could have produced fatal consequences…“in time,” Gramins emphasizes.

A shot to the head finally stopped the suspect.  Imagine the officers surprise in the hospital to hear what followed:

At one point Gramins heard a doctor exclaim, “We may as well stop. Every bag of blood we give him ends up on the floor. This guy’s like Swiss cheese. Why’d that cop have to shoot him so many times!”

Gramins thought, “He just tried to kill me! Where’s that part of it?”

The answer of course was because the suspect wouldn't stop coming and trying to kill him even though Gramins was using the supposedly man-stopping .45 round.  14 fatal hits and it still took two to the head to stop the assailant.  But you and I, lawful citizens only need 7 to stop our attackers according to the New York legislature.

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