Friday, May 31, 2013

7 rounds still isn't enough

I've posted before about why New York's 7 rounds of ammunition in a magazine, or even California's 10 rounds isn't enough for self defense.  Here's a video that makes the point visually.

PLEASE BE WARNED, THIS VIDEO IS GRAPHIC.  When I say graphic, I do not mean it is gory, but I do mean a real person is shot quite dead and a police officer wounded in the process.  It is instructive and useful in proving the point, but the taking of human life should never be treated lightly.

There are several important things to note. The man who was shot was shot multiple times, even to the point of making one leg useless, and was still capable of shooting at officers.  Even after the shot to the head that finally takes him down (and head shots are not always fatal, a point made in this excellent post from whence I grabbed the video) if he had retained possession of his pistol, he appears to have sufficient mobility to potentially squeeze a trigger and harm or kill another officer.  Thank goodness that didn't happen, but the fact remains that many more shots than 7 were fired with no time for the several good guys to change a magazine and the bad guy was still capable of inflicting great bodily harm or death upon one or more good guys.  Thank goodness he wasn't a home invader attacking a family restricted to a 7 or 10 round magazine, or the family might not have lived through the encounter even if the bad guy eventually succumbed to his wounds.

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