Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Family attacked for getting gas while being white

Police: Family attacked for being in "wrong neighborhood"
"The defendant (Dickerson) approached the white male victim," the police report stated.
It went on to read, "the defendant told him he was in the wrong neighborhood and he was not going to make it out." The victim said that's when he "was punched and knocked to the ground." 

At this time, his wife got out of the car and ran to help her husband. The victim said, "he continued to struggle with the defendant and was eventually knocked unconscious, which later he awoke in the hospital."
His wife told police, "after running to help her husband, she remembers falling to the ground and (being) knocked unconscious."

According to a close family friend, that's when the couple's teenage daughter got out of the car to check on her parents and, "observed a female punch her mother in the face, when her mother then fell to the concrete, hitting her head on the surface." 

The daughter was also punched in the face.
 It won't be charged as a hate crime, despite the racism involved. 
When police were questioned about why all three defendants were not charged with felony second degree battery, Stubbs responded, "Because you have to have disfigurement for a second-degree battery charge, and only one victim had disfigurement and he was attacked by the one suspect that we booked."

However, Louisiana law defines second-degree battery as "bodily injury which involves unconsciousness, extreme physical pain or protracted and obvious disfigurement."

The victim suffered "a broken eye socket, broken nose, and several lacerations to the face," and his wife was knocked unconscious. 

"I feel that's racist," said Henderson. 
Mr. Henderson, that's only because it is.  If white thugs did this to a black family, it would be national news and the President would get involved. 

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