Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How it's supposed to work

Remember that awful attack in Chicago where a shop owner had to defend himself with a baseball bat against a gun-wielding criminal because Chicago doesn't let lawful people have guns?  In case you don't, it's here.  Here's how it turns out when the lawful person hast he gun instead:

Sylvia and Alfred Armen were working in the music store they own, CBS Pittsburgh/KDKA reports, when the suspect came in and looked at some of the merchandise.  He reportedly left for a few minutes, then came back with a wooden club.

Without delay, he allegedly struck Sylvia in the head, before "Mr. Armen came to her rescue," Bethel Park Police Chief John Mackey said.

The Armens are both in their seventies.

Alfred reportedly engaged in a physical struggle with the assailant before fatally shooting him with a revolver.
It's awful they had to kill someone to protect themselves, but  this is why lawful ownership of firearms is such a civilized thing.  A big strong brute in his 30s with a club can't simply beat an elderly couple to death and take their stuff.  They can shoot him instead.  The uncivilized brute can no longer victimize society, and the elderly couple is traumatized, but alive and mostly unharmed.

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