Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Magazine PSA

I actually don't like the term "High Capacity Magazine."  I suppose some could be termed that, like the 50 or 100 round drums.  However, if the mag fits into a standard pistol grip, it's not high capacity.  Depending on the caliber, industry standard is between 14 and 17 rounds.  An FN FiveseveN will accept a 20 round magazine.  When jurisdictions like California and New York limit magazine size, they're not banning high cap magazines.  They're restricting lawful owners to low capacity magazines.  It's a limitation criminals getting firearms and magazines from South of our porous border don't share.

If you've missed previous posts, you may ask, "Does it really take multiple shots to stop an assailant?"  Yes, it absolutely will in most cases.  Real life doesn't work like TV.  Unless a shooter hits very specific vulnerable points on the body, the assailant is likely to keep coming and be able to use a knife, gun or club.

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