Monday, June 3, 2013

How's Strict Gun Control Working?

This is just a check in on how strict gun control is working where it's implemented.

New York isn't doing so well:  Mayhem in the city: 25 people shot in 48 hours
In a related article, Chicago's violence is mentioned, too:  New York's Summer of Gun Violence Is Off to a Chicago-Style Start
What's interesting is that we don't usually see yearly figures for NYC:
New York City, five months into one of the least violent years in its history, had five percent of its total shootings for 2013 over the weekend: 25 people were shot in just 48 hours, bringing the yearly figure to 440 shootings — with six more fatalities.
 Wow.  440 shootings is one of the least violent years in NYC's recorded history.

 A bit of googling finds that people are claiming Chicago gun homicides are down, but nobody wants to give the exact figure.  They had 506 homicides in 2012 and 433 in 2011 (maybe people are using fewer guns and more knives and baseball bats?).  As of January, Chicago had 43 murders already.  (Figures from CNN)

Gun control hasn't helped  reduce violence in NYC.  It hasn't helped reduce violence in Chicago.  It hasn't helped reduce violence in Massachusetts, Australia or the U.K.

Strict gun control hasn't stopped mass shootings in Finland and Germany, or elsewhere (NRO had a more recent Lott article on this subject, but it seems to have been taken down or moved).

Strict gun control doesn't work and doesn't make you safer.  It only disarms the lawful and prevents them from defending themselves and you.


littlebitofsonshine said...

Just a bla bla thought ,but maybe some gun safety class's in like grade school,since at hoe most children are left with cartoon violence,and fun game's,Never taught the difference.You can not see the world through anther's soul
,but you can see,into the pain ,in a aftermath ,in people's faces,and in the news.

Andrew said...

Gun safety classes are a great idea, though at this point I wouldn't trust schools to do that--they're teaching children fear of guns. Responsible gun owners should teach their children about firearms from an early age, and be alert for signs of psychological trouble that might indicate potential for misuse.