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The Armed Citizen

Pizza Hut deliveryman James Spiers thought he was making a routine delivery, but he was walking into an ambush. As Spiers approached, an armed man sprang at him with a gun, but Spiers, a concealed-carry permit holder, was no easy target. Police say Spiers struggled hard with the assailant until he was able to produce his handgun. "It was a long life was, without a doubt, in danger," Spiers recalls. Spiers shot the suspect three times. The suspect fled and was arrested at the hospital. Pizza Hut summarily fired Spiers, a 10-year employee, citing a corporate policy forbidding employees from carrying firearms. To voice your displeasure, call Pizza Hut Corporate Offices at 800-948-8488 or visit (The Des Moines Register, Des Moines, IA, 04/03/2008)

When an intruder broke down Robert Jenkins' door, he seemed to doubt Jenkins' marksmanship. "When he saw me, he said, 'Give me that gun,'" the 81-year-old Jenkins said. "Then he lunged at me, so I shot him." But police say the incident didn't end there. While Jenkins' wife called 9-1-1, the intruder again dove at Jenkins, striking him in the head and chest. Jenkins fired his .38-caliber pistol a second time, killing the intruder. "If it happened again, I'd do the same thing, but I hope I don't have to," Jenkins said. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta, GA, 03/22/2008)

According to police, the teenage suspects in a burglary knew the homeowner was hospitalized, but they didn't know he had a house sitter. One suspect waited in the car while his three accomplices broke into the house. The house sitter heard glass breaking, got a handgun and hid in a bedroom while the suspects stole guns, money and jewelry. When he thought the intruders had left, he stepped into the hallway--only to find himself face to face with a gun-toting burglar. The house sitter quickly fired two shots, killing the suspect. The other suspects fled, but were later arrested. (Telegraph, Dixon, IL, 04/11/2008)

Angela and Jeffery Patterson were watching TV when a man wearing a bandanna and carrying a pistol burst into their apartment. Police say he demanded money and the TV, then ordered the couple to disrobe. He watched Angela more closely. "He didn't pay attention to me so I charged at him," Jeffery explained. As her husband struggled with the intruder, Angela ran to the bedroom and grabbed her pistol. "I refuse to be a victim," Angela said. "He put a gun in my face. If you're bold enough to do that, you're bold enough to shoot us." Angela stepped back into the living room and fired, killing the intruder. (Houston Chronicle, Houston, TX, 03/28/2008)

Police say a man pulled into a gas station in a stolen car, then tried to add a second vehicle to his collection. He should have chosen an easier mark; his intended victim, Charles Todd, is a concealed-carry permit holder. Security video showed the carjacker carrying a rifle as he confronted Todd at the gas pumps. Todd took cover behind the pumps, drew a handgun and fired two shots. The carjacker dodged and ran out of the frame as he fled the scene. (The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN, 04/23/2008)

Soemthing caught Willie Shows' eye when he drove past his father's auction house. Police say he pulled behind the building and saw two suspects loading a pickup with tools and scrap metal. "We've had $30,000 worth of stuff stolen from us over the last two years and I'm tired of it," Shows said. He grabbed his .357 revolver and confronted the thieves, whose initial actions made Shows very nervous. "They started trying to talk and wouldn't come out from behind the truck. I said, 'If you don't get down, I'm going to shoot you,'" he remembers. Wisely the suspects did as they were told and police arrested them shortly thereafter. Less than a year ago, Shows' father held suspects at gunpoint for police at the same location. (The Review of Jones County, Laurel, MS, 04/10/2008)

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Thoughts just prior to the release of DC v. Heller, with one of the best appellate court quotations ever.

Thoughts on publicized shootings: Shootings early in 2009, Alabama Shootings, Finland School Shooting. Remember: The only proven method to mitigate the disaster of a rogue criminal shooter is to have more first responders, e.g. CCW permit holders lawfully armed and on scene. These criminals do not respect "gun free" zones, but simply view them as target-rich opposition-free areas in which to slaughter innocents.

Carrying a firearm is an inherently civilized act.

Right to Carry Statistics.

Does Violence Beget Violence?

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