Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Similarities are Eerie

From President Offers a Personal Take on Race in U.S.:

On Friday, reading an unusually personal, handwritten statement, Mr. Obama summed up his views with a single line: “Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.” 
That's true, especially given the marijuana found in Martin's system.  The similarities are eerie.  Are Martin's parents and mentor Marxists, and was he planning to seek out Marxist professors in college?  If so, we have a close match here.

I'm really glad the President took the time to address the issue of race, especially given that race wasn't an issue in this case until he, some grandstanding legislators and the media made it about race.  Can't let a crisis go to waste, though.

Another great thing is that professional race baiters, legislators and the media have made this about stand your ground laws, even though stand your ground laws weren't invoked in Zimmerman's defense.  Just good old-fashioned self defense laws.  As a rule of thumb, when someone's on top of you pounding your head against a sidewalk, you can't fulfill a duty to retreat even if it exists.  It's pretty much a case of do whatever it takes to stop the head smashing before you black out and your brain starts leaking out of your skull sort of deal.

I'm not saying Zimmerman was a great guy and wasn't stupid.  He isn't and he was.  I'm just saying the President and media are making a lot of hay with issues that weren't actually part of the case.  Can't lead a dead kid go to waste, after all.  You have to act to your political advantage before the corpse is cold.

I'm trying to imagine a scenario where I'd be more disgusted with the media and President.  Oh, right.  Benghazi.

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