Monday, September 30, 2013

Kenyan Mall Attack Torture Claims Surface

This is from the Daily Mail, which is a UK tabloid.  However, tabloids in the UK are not what they are in the US.  They tend to nail down political material really well. 

The material in the story is graphic.  Do not click the link if you don't want details.

Kenyan Mall Attack Torture Claims Surface

If the reports are accurate, they're disgusting.  Even among extremists who think killing nonbelievers are okay, one hopes that there aren't many who are willing to torture people for fun.  The reports include eyes gouged out, noses torn off with pliers, ears torn similarly, fingers cut off using pliers.

The extremists also stabbed children.  Wouldn't it be better to convert the children to Islam?  Why not give adults a chance to convert, if your real goal is to bring glory to Allah? 

That can't have been their real goal.  These are sick people who wanted to hurt and torture others and used their extremist version of a faith as the excuse.  I can not think that anyone's deity would endorse or reward this behavior.

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