Friday, September 13, 2013

There's no point to U.S. citizenship any longer

There's no longer any real benefit to U.S. citizenship.  Yesterday California lawmakers approved a measure to allow driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.  Because why not, right?  They're here illegally, they (for now) drive illegally, they vote illegally, but they obtain taxpayer funded services legally, so they might as well drive legally.  Heck, in California, we're going to let illegal aliens practice law.

By they way, most industrialized nations on the planet, including Mexico, won't let you do anything legally in their country if you're there illegally.  No benefits, no voting, no taxpayer funded services.  No wonder illegal aliens want to come here.

So, if you wondered, "Why are Americans renouncing citizenship in record numbers?" you now have your answer.  Being a citizen just means the U.S. government will tax you even if you're living in another country and they're not providing you any significant services.  Owning a home legally just means they can track you down so you can't get free health care from an emergency room by being an illegal alien and giving a false name.

In short, if you're a U.S. citizen, you have fewer rights and receive fewer services in your own country than illegal aliens.  Aren't you stupid for doing things the right way?

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