Monday, September 30, 2013

What to do in an attack like the Kenya Mall Massacre

This isn't my work.  If you'd like to follow the combat veteran who gave this advice, please see his facebook page here:

I wanted to share this with everyone possible, though, because as Bryan Suits pointed out, terrorists copy success.  The Kenya Mall Massacre was, from a terrorist standpoint, a success.  So what do you do?  From Bryan Suits (note:  I've removed profanity, because my readers aren't used to seeing it):
Some thoughts: you've probably been to the same mall many dozens, if not hundreds of times. Next time you go, check out some of those long corridors that lead to bathrooms/maintenance rooms/loading docks.

-Do the doors open or are they locked?
-Will the alarm sound?

If a similar attack happens, it will sound like D Day. It won't go "pop.....pop,pop......pop."  [Like a police shooting]  It will go "(insert sound of D Day here) "

-You will freeze. Get over it. Embrace the part of your mind that is quietly saying "This is real." Reject the LOUDER voice that says "It's a TV shoot. This is [your town]."

Run past all the frozen bystanders who are thinking "It's a TV shoot. This is [my town]." For karma points yell "Find an exit, it's an attack!" But be prepared for a stampede. If you HAVE to get to your car, do NOT drive it out. You will be stuck in the traffic going out AND in. Take the medicine or whatever you need and run. Run out of the parking lot and report to police/fire what you have seen.

Is your child under 5 years old? Carry him/her. Do you have two children under 5? Carry BOTH of them! You will move faster treating them like suitcases. Practice this today (no joke).

If you can NOT exit the mall, find solid cover and concealment as soon as possible. "Cover" means it can protect you from grenade shrapnel or bullets. "Concealment" means...well, concealment. Is there a bank branch in the mall? Awesome, go there. Are you stuck in an Apple Store? You might be fucked.

Text the person you trust the most to not freak out. Be brief and clear. "At mall. Lots of shooting. We are safe. Copy?" If you don't get a response immediately, go to Trusted Bloke #2, same message. ROFL? Nope, it's an attack.
Based on what is being reported on the Kenya Mall Massacre, it would be better to be shot to death trying to escape than to be taken prisoner.

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