Friday, November 8, 2013

Defying Gun Control works well in Mexico

This comes from an Associated Press article.  The Washington Post has printed it as Vigilante ranchers, fruit growers kick out brutal drug cartel in western Mexican state.

Local ranchers have formed self-defense groups to drive out the cartel in their area.
Eight months after locals formed self-defense groups, they say they are free of the cartel in six municipalities of the Tierra Caliente, or “Hot Land,” which earned its moniker for the scorching weather but whose name has also come to signify criminal activity. What’s more, the self-defense group leaders, who are clearly breaking Mexican law by picking up military-style arms to fight criminals, say the federal government is no longer arresting them, but recruiting them to help federal forces identify cartel members.
The Mexican government might consider rethinking their silly gun control laws since it turns out guns in the hands of (otherwise) lawful citizens help fight crime.  They couldn't clear out the cartel with just military forces, but in offering the local self-defense groups their support, they've successfully driven out the cartel.

This once again demonstrates that guns are not a problem (as though Switzerland hasn't proven that point already), criminals are the problem.

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