Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I won't vote for Chris Christie

I'm a small government kind of guy.  That's really because I believe in maximizing human freedom, and small governments usually don't have enough power to take away your freedom.  Small governments usually don't execute millions of their citizens.  Less dramatically, small governments usually don't have time to or interest in trying to regulate every nuance of human behavior. 

Under Presidents Bush and Obama, I've seen just about everything I care about set back or eliminated.  Government power has increased enormously and the government has been wildly irresponsible fiscally, selling my child and the children of my friends and family into debt slavery probably for generations.  I think our nation is irrevocably socialist now, and not in a relatively responsible way like Canada's version.

There's one thing that despite a great desire to do, President Obama wasn't able to push through and that was even more gun control.  Obama (so far) just hasn't been able to make it happen.  Maybe people realize gun control really doesn't do any good.  Switzerland, the only other diverse democratic country that's very comparable to the U.S., mandates that every eligible male serve in their military and keep a fully automatic assault rifle in their home during their life.  They have nearly no gun homicides.  Gun crime and mass casualty events really aren't about the tool used (as demonstrated by mass knife casualty events in China), so taking away rights of self-defense won't solve the problem. 

What President Obama hasn't been able to do, a President Chris Christie probably could do, and very likely would do.  He'd sign any law damaging self-defense rights that congress put on his desk and call it "sensible gun safety legislation."

I've never been a one issue voter, but the 2nd amendment kind of feels like the only one I have left.  I'm not voting for a guy who's perfectly comfortable infringing on it.

For those who think Christie is a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment, that's a recent development based on political convenience.  From this (linked) article:
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has had such a remarkable change of heart on the Second Amendment over in the past six months that he actually vetoed part of his own gun-control agenda. The governor enraged anti-gun groups when he rejected three of the Democrat-controlled Legislature’s radical bills on Friday night.

Mr. Christie, who is running for re-election this year, used a conditional veto to rewrite the most extreme bills that came out of the Legislature this year. The key controversial one would have identified gun owners on a “smart card” such as a driver’s license. There was also a training requirement just to own a firearm and a ban on private exchanges.

The governor also vetoed a bill to ban .50-caliber firearms, which are never used in crimes, even though he called for this same measure earlier this year. The Legislature can accept the rewritten bills, find a two-thirds majority to override or the full veto stands, which is most likely.

“The NRA isn’t in the business of divining motives,” the National Rifle Association’s Andrew Arulanandam told me Monday. “We are pleased that he vetoed a number of bad legislative proposals last week. However, we are disappointed that he signed some bad bills into law prior.”

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