Saturday, December 28, 2013

New California Employment Laws Favor Illegal Aliens

Just one more reason to move out of this state.  The AP headline, reprinted in the Sacramento Bee is:  New Calif. laws try to help employees, immigrants

I was intrigued, since "immigrants" is code not for our friends arriving here lawfully, the lifeblood ever invigorating our great nation, but rather for illegal aliens, who undermine the system they were so eager to join that they were willing to break the law to get here.
As California's economy recovers, the Democrats who control the state Legislature put a priority on assisting more vulnerable workers with some of the laws taking effect in the new year.

Low-income workers, immigrants in the country illegally, domestic caregivers and farm laborers will benefit from bills lawmakers passed in 2013.
If you're amazed, you're not alone.  I am too.  People who are not permitted by federal law to work in the United States, because they are here illegally are going to be helped by new California law.  Hey, California legislature how about we deport them instead so that low income workers in California who are here legally can get a job?

In reading the details of the story, though, it turns out the new law is likely to put more people out of work by eliminating more low-skill positions as always happens when minimum wage is raised.  So, more lawful Californians will have more of their paychecks stolen to pay for people who shouldn't be here.  The world is truly upside down, at least in California.

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