Friday, January 31, 2014

Greenpeace rewrites history to make Patrick Moore disappear

If you've followed my blog for a while, you'll know that I've been impressed by Patrick Moore.  He's made a tremendous case for increased use of nuclear energy, and was one of the sources that influenced my conviction that our future lies in some form of nuclear power.  I wrote more about that here:  Going Glowing Green.

Patrick Moore, one of the several founders of Greenpeace, left when the organization decided they wanted to push government to ban chlorine.  At the time, Patrick Moore thinks he was the last trained scientist with Greenpeace.  He explained you can't ban a naturally occurring element.  It just wasn't a reasonable thing to attempt to do.  Greenpeace decided to try it anyway.  Patrick Moore left and founded Geenspirit.  My old links to that site don't seem to work, so perhaps he's moved on from that.

Now Greenpeace is actively engaged in rewriting history to eliminate any record of Patrick Moore because as a trained scientist, he's become skeptical of the anthropogenic theory of global warming.  Note that that's what good scientists do.  If a theory is not supported by empirical evidence, if the modeling behind it keeps coming up wrong year after year, a scientist should be skeptical of the theory.  That's the difference between a scientist and a religious zealot.

So, I applaud Mr. Moore for his integrity to scientific principles and can only shake my head at the religious zealots of Greenpeace who are evidently dedicated disciples of the prophet Al Gore.

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