Friday, January 31, 2014

What I've discovered today about Stuff You Should Know

You may have guessed that I'm a big podcast listener.  What you might not have known is that I'm a huge fan of Stuff you Missed in History Class and Stuff you Should Know.

So, fair warning to my libertarian and conservative friends:  Do not listen to any of Josh and Chuck's Stuff you Should Know podcasts that have any significant political content.  At least, don't listen to them if you want to avoid apoplexy.

Politics isn't their specialty, and Josh really just can't help himself.  He's a leftist through and through and what he sees as nonpartisan is generally aligned with what Chris Matthews sees as nonpartisan.

For example, their recent podcast on the debt ceiling made me want to scream.  First, they called the tea party extremely partisan.  While some members of the various tea party groups are, the only unifying principle throughout the movement is fiscal responsibility.  Tea party members don't agree on much, but they agree that crushing, multigenerational debt is immoral and unjust to our children and grandchildren.  Many people who consider themselves Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians all believe this strongly and were in agreement with the tea party movement at least until the media and major political parties started vilifying it.  That's by definition a nonpartisan movement.

Josh went on to blithely throw out the "fact" that Greece proved austerity doesn't work.  Excuse me?  Really?  Here's one post that debunks that mistaken idea.
Europe has tried “austerity” since 2008, but the United States has not. The meaning of austerity is different over there: higher taxes on the people, with only a little more spending. 

While dancing on the grave of austerity, the Keynesians sing a song of higher spending. Excess debt is fine, they chime, so high spending is nothing to worry about.

Contrary to Blodgett, all we have done since the 2010 elections is to keep the increases in government spending at bay. We are still spending an outrageous amount, and not getting anything for it.

Stimulus spending will continue to fail, because government spending, in and of itself, does not promote economic growth. There is no point going ever further into debt when doing so will not help.
Why won't more stimulus help?  I've posted the longer explanation here if you're interested:  Why more Stimulus won't create more jobs

So, if you aren't a Leftist and you don't enjoy yelling at your podcasting device, anything by Stuff you Should Know on politics is probably best simply skipped.  Save yourself the aneurysm.  The rest of their stuff is great.  They're informative and entertaining fellows, and having had a few e-mail exchanges, I can tell you they're nice guys as well.

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