Sunday, January 26, 2014

Who's the Enemy?

I've made the point in the past that I wish our discourse in America were a bit more civil.  I'm harsh in my criticism of what I see as wrong, but I don't hate proponents of those positions.  I hope they'll change their opinions in time (and I'm sure they hope the same of me).  Here's something I hope we can agree on.  I was reviewing some clips last night and saw this particular speech, from about 53 seconds to one minute and 28 seconds.  I've set the start and stop times.  There were some nice reminders many of us could use:

In case the video ever is removed, here's the text:  "Who is the enemy?  Is it the alien?  Well, we are all alien to one another.  Is it the one who believes differently than we do?  No.  Oh, no, my friends.  The enemy is fear.  The enemy is ignorance.  The enemy is the one who tells you that you must hate that which is different because in the end that hate will turn on you and that same hate will destroy you."

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