Saturday, December 20, 2014

Barack Obama's Imaginary Son

Barack Obama's imaginary son has a really hard life.  You should read about it here:

The Extraordinary Life of Barack Obama’s Imaginary Son 

A preview to convince you to go look:
One day this country can hopefully move on from racism experienced by imaginary people — and, let’s face it, the country doesn’t have the best of history of its treatment of imaginary people. We have, however, made progress in the civil rights of imaginary people and for that we, as a country, should be proud. We shouldn’t ignore, however, the real truth that racism toward imaginary sons is still a real problem, as our President constantly reminds us. We can’t be afraid to have the conversation, no matter how painful it might be, about continuing the racial healing of imaginary people.
 For more fun on Pres. Obama, here's Sean Davis commenting about how Kim Jong-un learned to intimidate filmmakers.

Loosely related, Lindsey Graham, who some have characterized as an addled waste of skin and/or oxygen, commented that he might be considering a presidential bid.  Mollie Ziegler Hemingway helpfully compiled a list of 6 Grahams you'd rather see run for president.