Sunday, November 27, 2016

Castro inspiring craziness in liberals

Fidel Castro died on Friday, and many Cubans are celebrating what they hope will be the beginning of a new era of freedom in their nation.  Meanwhile, the Left has been celebrating the life of this murderous dictator, and mourning his passing.  There's been some pithy commentary about this sick adoration of a very bad human being.

Why the Left will bend over backwards to justify the actions of failed communist regimes is beyond me.  My bias has always been in favor of human freedom, and both communism and socialism have only ever curtailed freedom, sometimes viciously and with tremendous bloodshed.  There is something wrong with any system that has to put up walls to keep its citizens in the country.  I do not understand how that's okay with anyone who supports freedom.

Brian Williams even made this idiotic statement:  “It’s still one of those nations where you see donkey carts alongside cars, trucks and buses in downtown Havana because that’s exactly what they’d rather have for transportation."

Uh, yeah, Brian.  They wouldn't rather be transporting their goods in a new Toyota Tundra.  They like the impoverished conditions caused by a dictator stealing the fruits of their labor to make himself rich.  So those donkey carts are okay!  

Let's think about his logic for a moment.  Donkey carts are so awesome some people would rather have them than automobiles.  This is a trend we see throughout the U.S., too.  Oh, wait.  No we don't.  Because cars are actually better, more comfortable and more efficient for transporting goods.  Brian Williams evidently thinks Cubans are so dumb that they prefer donkey carts to trucks.  If anyone on the right said anything like that, she'd be called a racist.

So, Brian Williams, congratulations:  you're a racist.

To the rest of the left, stop celebrating murderers.  Communist regimes and ideas caused the deaths of over 100 million fellow human beings last century.  Unless you really like murder, that's a failed ideology.

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