Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Socialist Governments believe they own you

There's a toddler, Alfie Evans, who is probably already deceased.  If not, it will happen shortly.  This isn't an abortion post, but something even scarier. 

Alfie Evans joins Charlie Gard in being sentenced to death by UK courts.  Charlie Gard died last year after his legal appeals to leave the UK for treatment were denied.

I'm not going to argue the UK shouldn't set a limit on the amount of treatment they give a patient.  Insurance companies in the US do that, too, by imposing a lifetime maximum dollar amount on how much treatment they'll give any patient.  They can absolutely refuse to further treat a case they see as terminal and without any medical recourse.

The real concern comes with what amounts to executing toddlers.  In both Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans' cases, there were other countries willing to accept and try to treat the children.  The UK wouldn't have had to spend another penny on either child.  In Charlie's case, some 1.3 million pounds in private funds had been raised to treat him.  After the UK government executed him, Charlie's parents pledged the funds to help other sick children.  In Alfie's case,  the Italian government granted the toddler citizenship and was ready to take him by military medical transport for help in Italy.  There would have been absolutely no further cost to the UK.  Instead, a UK judge decided that the State had the right to execute Alfie.

This is my problem with these cases:  The State* does not own you.  It can deny you further benefits after due process, but it can not claim ownership of your person, at least in Western tradition.  Owning someone else is slavery, and that's something no longer permitted in Europe or North America. 

However, ownership or slavery is the only way to describe the situation when the government decides that in spite of independent funding and ability to try to save a child, it will not permit the attempt. 

Nearly 185 years after the British Empire passed a bill to abolish slavery, the UK courts have reinstated it.  Instead of private ownership of slaves which allowed for purchase and emancipation, the Marxist ownership of citizens has been established. 

*"State" in the political science meaning of the term, what we in the US most often call a "country" or "nation," but which most of the world calls a political State.