Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Randomness: Infinity War wasn't so very great


Seriously, there will be spoilers.  Don't read this if that matters to you.

Infinity War wasn't the best movie ever.  Don't get me wrong; the action was tremendous.  Lots of great punching and special effects and such.  The story was compelling.

However, Infinity War was also full of shortcomings.  I stopped reading Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series when one of the books was entirely devoted to set up for the next book.  The entire book was just positioning characters from where they were in the last book to where they needed to be to start the next book.  I realized at that point that the series was over.  While I won't give up on the Avengers just yet, I was disappointed that Infinity War was half a movie.  That's right, Infinity War is just set up for Infinity War II.  What's really unsatisfying is that this movie didn't have its own resolution.  The climax happens and then the credits roll.  

Worse yet, Thanos (or just Thanatos?  Can we call him by his Greek name, 'cause clearly that's who he is) is an idiot.  "My world ran out of resources and perished, so I must apply my solution to the entire universe."  Really?  That's the solution of a mentally-challenged dictator.  We'll set aside the fact that so far in human history every projected end of resources hasn't actually happened because we learned how to apply technology to farm better, drill better, or make something new and Thanos' planet had highly advanced technology suggesting they could probably overcome shortages in a similar fashion.

Let's say the only way to resolve this was with the super glove and all six infinity stones.  Okay, great.  You have all of them.  In other movies, we've opened portals to other realities.  So, open a portal to a reality with resources but no life, and just take another universe worth of resources.  Problem solved.  Or use the reality stone such that resources are more abundant.  Or harvest empty star systems for their resources.  Problem solved.  Killing off half of all intelligent life solves nothing because people just reproduce.  We're good at it.

To get the soul stone, Thanos has to sacrifice something he loves.  So, he kills his adopted daughter Gamora.  This falls flat, and fails the parent test.  As a parent, I can say that I'd defend my child from physical harm at any cost, including my own life.  That's how parental love works.  There is no circumstance where I'd give my child's life to advance my agenda.  If I were willing to do that, I could not claim to truly love that person.

So, that's my first impression of Infinity War.  At the very least they could have given us a real resolution.  If you have to Peter Jackson the film length to give it a real ending, do that.  We'll sit through the extra hour, but this was really unsatisfying.  

Oh, and seriously.  Don't draw out Spidey's death to force tears.  Everyone dusted pretty quickly, but Spidey needed to die slower to make people cry?  I am not a fan of this.