Monday, September 10, 2018

Nike, Kaepernick and the Memes

Nike and Colin Kaepernick stirred things up quite a bit recently.  For those who don't remember, Kaepernick is the football player who took a knee during the national anthem (instead of standing and saluting) to protest police mistreatment of Blacks in America.  He wore socks depicting police officers as pigs.  Despite his protests to the contrary, Kaepernick's protests were perceived by much of the nation as anti-American and anti-military.  I actually think he's sincere and that he should probably have considered more deeply the ramifications of way he chose to protest.

Further, while there is definitely injustice with regard to policing of Blacks in America that needs addressing, insulting the good officers you'll need to both help expose the bad ones and combat the injustice doesn't help your cause.  Finally, the fellow who sparked it all, Michael Brown, is a terrible symbol for the movement, because he was a criminal engaged in assaulting an officer and even the Obama Justice Department couldn't find a problem with that particular shooting.

With that background, Nike's choice to make this ad is fairly inexplicable, and I've bought my last bit of Nike gear (I bought shoes a few weeks ago).

It didn't take long for folks to point out that there was a far more appropriate fellow for this kind of ad.
Pat Tillman was an actual hero, who actually did sacrifice everything to protect all Americans without regard to race. 

The trend didn't stop with the pantsing of Nike, though.  The political savagery followed and was hilarious.

Naturally, the purely hilarious followed.

So, thanks, Nike and Colin Kaepernick.  I won't support either of you, but I sure do appreciate the entertainment.

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